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About Us

Welcome to Metta's portfolio! Our portfolio showcases our past work and experiences. We believe in the power of creativity and hard work, and we strive to bring these values to each project we undertake. Take a look at our portfolio to see how we have helped our clients reach their goals.

We believe in the power of compassion and kindness to change the world, one person at a time.

Our Mission

Our Mission

Our mission at Metta Australia Association is to transform lives and uplift communities in Sri Lanka through comprehensive support and holistic development. We are dedicated to breaking the cycle of poverty by providing essential resources, including shelter, food, health, and education, to the underprivileged and marginalized. Our commitment extends beyond mere relief, as we work to empower individuals to reach their full potential, fostering self-sufficiency and dignity.

Aligned with our devotion to Theravada Buddhism, we endeavor to preserve and share its teachings, nurturing a deeper understanding of its principles. We support the Sangha and contribute to the restoration and growth of Buddhist monasteries, ensuring the continuity of a sacred tradition. Through awareness programs and education, we aim to spread the essence of Buddhist philosophy, promoting values of morality, meditation, wisdom, and compassion.

Through diverse programs and partnerships, we will tirelessly work towards our goals, driven by the generosity of contributors, donors, and well-wishers. With a steadfast commitment to ethical practices and transparency, Metta Australia Association seeks to make a lasting impact on lives, fostering a society where compassion and empowerment flourish hand in hand.

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Our Vision

Metta Australia Association envisions a compassionate and empowered society where every individual, irrespective of their circumstances, enjoys access to fundamental needs and opportunities. Guided by the principles of Metta (loving-kindness) and driven by the teachings of Theravada Buddhism, we strive to create a world where poverty is eradicated, and people thrive in an environment of care, education, and spiritual enrichment.

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